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PLC multi-machine interaction series (blowing recommended)

Special high pressure air compressors for PET bottle blowing machine

Special high pressure air compressors for PET bottle blowing machine

Product Details

BrandKai ShengModelTriumph PLC multi-machine interaction seriesCompact mediaAir
Working principlePiston compressorLubrication methodOil-lubricated air compressorPower11KW-1000KWTypePortable compressorsPerformanceLow noiseNoise70(dB)UseMedical compressors, compressors for plastic machinery, textile machinery, tyre inflation, pneumatic tools, mine compressors, sandblasting, painting, drilling machines, food processing, feed processing, blowing injection moldingExhaust volume1-100Speed750(rpm)

Zhejiang triumph compressors, professional manufacturer of piston air compressor, model range, there is always a right for you!

PLC machine linkage system

Displacement: 2-100 m3/min
Discharge pressure: 30-40bar
Working principle:
Computer intelligent control of timely monitoring of the gas supply system of bottle blowing machine and high pressure gas demand: when a gas bottle-blowing machine hours, the system automatically stops the excess units; when gas demand is when blowing machine, the system automatically starts missing units; when blowing machine has moments when air traffic demand, the system will determine the timing of an instant atmosphere.
System features:
Save energy and reduce production cost;
Fault occlude production with minimal risk, ensuring continuity of gas supply, eliminate production losses. Particularly suited to continuous gas supply situation.
Computer-controlled, highly intelligent, and easy to operate;
Maintenance is simple, no professionals, no special equipment.
Unit features:
Continuous 24-hour operation of heavy duty, host, the most conservative designs, minimize failure rate;
Professional air compressor manufacturing plant, years of accumulated technology, innovation, excellence in design and manufacture, fully take into account every detail of the use, maintenance and repair.

Customer site installation example: for automatic PLC multi-machine interaction series PET bottle blowing air compressor factory site (30 50m3/min)



Air purification system:


Main technical index:
Working pressure: 40bar
Loss of pressure: ≤ 0.02Mpa
Pressure dew point: 2-10 c
Filtration precision: ≤ 0.01 μ m
Oil content: ≤ 0.003ppm (special order)
Refrigerant: R22
Condensation drain port: Rc1/2 "(automatic valve)
Installation: indoor and non Foundation Installation
Main configurations:
High temperature dryer + water-cooled efficient rear cooling + oil-water separator (or high efficiency oil separator) + precision filter (t level) + precision filter (class a) + activated carbon filter (h) + super fine filter (level AA)

Following is designed for PET bottle blowing air supply design of high pressure air compressor parameters: (single, combination, combination)

Vertical composite for PET bottle blowing air compressor


1:3/two-stage compression and 4 cylinder/three levels of compression, 380V power supply (such as foreign power can be customized).

2: copper motor, longer life.

3: move smooth compared to other brands, lower noise, gas faster.

4: common types are equipped with propane tanks, more energy-efficient and convenient.

5: single with no gas tank there are horizontal and vertical, according to air any combination, all steel base installation without foundations.









Product application areas:

Air pressurized water, PET bottle blowing, leak detection, military and other fields

Widely used in process of pressure increasing and stabilizing power and purge, but also for power plants, the food industry, medicine and experimental research unit provides stable power source. If stirring in the pharmaceutical industry, brewing industry, gas pressure transport in the chemical industry, food industry in blow molding bottle, parts manufacturing machines and dust removal, and so on.

Product features:

Kay sheng of SSAH series multilevel compression high pressure air compressor, is designed for PET blow bottle, tank,, blow gas die business forming process provides high pressure compression air and design of, in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, blow bottle Tycoon province, often put Kay sheng of "SSAH" series do for preferred of high pressure air compressor, SSAH series both single group and has more unit, meet you of different needs. All devices are installed on the same chassis, the basis do not need to install, and easy to use.

Triumph air compressor with high efficiency, low energy consumption, safety and reliable, true 24 hour without stopping the operation (energy-saving 15%-20%). Wind cold type units are used, reducing installation costs.


Specific configuration:

1, cast iron structure: cylinders, crankshaft and crankcase 100% of cast iron materials, ensure that the service life of the unit.
2, cylinders: deep fin, independent casting cylinder can be 360 degrees removed the compressed air produced by the heat. Between the cylinder and the crankcase bolts, for routine maintenance and upkeep.

3: air compressor pulley by strict power balance, using iron fan, big wheel effect, low noise, air compressor run more smoothly.

4, the intercooler: fin-and-tube type, directly mounted on the flywheel air.
5, after cooler: fin-and-tube type, air-cooled, and intercooler mounted on the flywheel air. The cooler discharge of compressed air after about 20 degrees higher than the ambient temperature, ease of processing.

6, centrifuge unloading device: release from cold and the air in the cylinder to prevent overload starting units.
7, regulating devices: all high voltage units are configured to automatically start/stop controls, electric dual controls, frequency control and energy saving 30%.
8, motor: copper motor, long using life.
9, drive: fully closed protection hood "v" belt drive, safe and smooth operation.

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