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Compressor oil change many learning inquiry

编辑:Zhejiang triumph compressors limited  时间:2016-01-27

Sometimes people think of compressor oil change is a cinch, compressor oil change is not trivial, a true comprehensive understanding of compressor oil change knowledge is necessary.

Author in the compressor oil change oil standards of scientific inquiry in the article on heat system is the standard, and in fact, apart from oil change standards, also has a lot of knowledge about compressor oil change, understanding these oil change learning will benefit.

1, the necessity of compressor oil change

Compressor oil used in the process, by heating, oxidation, high speed cutting, dust pollution and harmful gases. Oxygen hydrocarbon reactions and lubricants, viscosity of oil oxidation, color black, slowly rise, might end up in serious oxide soluble in oil, but the Brown mucus layer deposition somewhere in the system, extremely easy to plug the components control in oil, so that wear such as ball bearings, spool, affecting the normal operation of the system. Oxidation also produces corrosion and acid. Oxidation process began slowly, and accumulated sediment and acid value increase viscosity increases to a certain extent, it should be an oil change. Otherwise, oxidation continues, gradually speed up oxidation speed and viscosity with rise, resulting in high oil temperature. With the continued strengthening of oxidation, compressor oil viscosity apparent increasing trend. When the oxidation rate go from linear to the power curve and viscosity increase faster, and people don't want to see the results may be emerging.

2, temperature of the compressor oil

At room temperature and atmospheric pressure, oil ageing process has been very slow, so storage and transportation, oil is not easy to oxidation. But when the oil temperature or the oxygen pressure increases, the lubricating oil oxidation rates increased rapidly.

The cycle of piston compressor and centrifugal compressor lubricating oil temperature has little relationship with the compressed gas temperature, and oil-injected screw compressor is different, the compressor oil temperature compressor discharge temperature and lubricant cooling temperature changes. Most of the time, the temperature of the compressor oil and close to the main exhaust temperature. Oil-injected screw compressor oil thermal oxidation of the life to be much stronger.

3, the real life of compressor oil

Screw Rod empty pressure oil of using life should is normal workers condition Xia of minimum using life, accurate determination lubricants of using cycle is hard of, all manufacturers provides of also not as, General of provides is: ⅰ class mineral oil for 2000 hours, II class mineral oil can to 4,000 hours, III class mineral oil can to 6,000 hours, PAO can to 8,000 hours, multiple alcohol ester can to 12,000 hours.

The life of the compressor oil is the lubricant manufacturer, determination of oxidation stability by rotating bomb less than 50min, 50min oxidation rates began to speed up, compressor oils are considered end of life. Different kinds of compressor oil life are quite different, depending on the nature of the base oil and oxidation stability of its formula.

Good class III gas is part of PAO, Ester compressor oil life up to 5,000-6,000 hours, its acid value reached 2.0mgKOH/g ≥ 10,000 hours, rotating bomb of up to 1500~2000min. Please note that here; life and up to 5,000-6,000 hours; ≥ 10,000 hours two data, depending on some contradictions, will be further discussed later.

3.1 compressor oil type

Compressor oil anywhere more now only compressor oil base oil are: secondary hydrogenation of mineral oil, mineral oil, hydroisomerization ⅲ base oils, natural gas synthesis ⅲ base oils, PAO, polyether Silicon oil, Ester oils include, and so on.

Compressor oil for sale normal compressor oil, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils. With more chaos synthetic oil, synthetic oils are obtained by chemical synthesis method of base oil, shell III base oils are called hydroisomerization: XHVI synthetic oil of high viscosity index, this base oil is mineral oil refining depth available, even more wonderful is the synthesis of class ⅲ GTL base oils with natural gas.

Semi-synthetic compressor oil is a little confusing, half the emergence of synthetic oil is pure mineral oil cannot meet the compressors working conditions, by adding some special structures of synthetic oil is targeted to improve some of its functions, is a kind of guarantee performance and minimize the cost of technology solutions. Semi synthetic oil not synthetic oil with mineral oil properties of a simple average, reasonable selection of semi synthetic oil allocation scheme can sometimes be unexpected performances embodied.

Problem is in semi-synthetic oil, mineral oil base oil content is? synthetic oil type and content and how much? as the class ⅲ base oils are non-conventional base oil, part III base oil is mineral oil by hydrogenation of formation of heterogeneous, part synthetic GTL III base oil by natural gas. In recent years, ⅲ base oils apart from mineral oil, synthetic oil, oil is called class III, the term seems appropriate, reasonable, meaning clear.

3.2 the relationship between real life and the compressor is compressor oil

As a result of lubricant manufacturer information, users are not sure about the compressor itself to compressor oil, particularly oil-injected screw compressor oil effect of real life, the truth is: even if it is the same compressor oil in different types, with different parameters, different media and different load on the compressor, real life is quite different. See the following analysis:

1) if oil-injected screw compressor discharge temperature reduces 8~10℃, the life of the compressor oil will increase about 1 time;

2) single stage oil-injected screw compressor discharge pressure of 0.3~1.3 MPa, due to different exhaust gas temperature and the partial pressure of oxygen, air compressor oil oxidation rates of different exhaust pressure of 0.3 MPa low pressure air compressor lubricant to real life than the exhaust pressure is 1.3MPa air compressor 3~5-fold increase;

3) nitrogen compressor lubricants are not affected by oxygen's role in real life many over that of same type air compressor;

4) compressed CO2 gas screw compressors of the same kind of oil acid value easily exceeding, real-life short;

5) two-stage compression and pressure oil-injected screw compressor for levels of oxygen partial pressure, low exhaust temperatures are not only energy-efficient, and lubricants real life than single-stage air compressor increases about twice of the same type;

6) compression ratio of single screw air compressor compressor oil is short life;

7) frequency conversion and oil-injected screw compressor as low exhaust temperatures during the conversion, compressor lubricating oil shearing is lighter than normal volume adjust the air compressor, lubricating oil long in real life, depth of frequency conversion timing and frequency are different, different real life of lubricating oil;

8) air compressor manufacturers and users in order to improve energy efficiency, increase the air cooled oil-injected screw compressor fan and screw compressor is to reduce exhaust gas temperature, which not only reduces power consumption and extend the life of the compressor oil, to kill effect;

9) centrifugal compressor oils and real life of piston compressor oil much more than oil-injected screw compressor captain.

4, oil change standard

Author of the compressor oil change of the standard scientific research referred to in article: compressor oil oil change appearance of the standard provisions for more sludge, sediment, color black, emulsified oil change should be considered.

Quantitative description should be as follows:

1) color change greater than 3;

2) kinematic viscosity change is 20%

3) compressor oil acid value of oil change indicator value greater than 100% more appropriately limited;

4) light duty fuel injection Rotary air compressor oil change standard SH/T 0538 pentane insolubles,% greater than 2.0;

5) light oil-injected Rotary air compressor oil change oil oxidation stability of standard SH/T 0538, the rating of 60 min;

6) oil change standard Fe/200;

7)/oil change standard Silicon content is 50.

In these indicators, kinematic viscosity should be the first priority. Compressor oil viscosity change, users can self test or delegate test, larger businesses may have a lubricant kinematic viscosity Tester, you can test most users might wish to taken oil samples inspected by the local technical supervision and Inspection Bureau or unit of kinematic viscosity tester for testing.

5, oil reference

General optional oil III, III oil with rotating bomb results measure antioxidant capacity is 6~7 times the class II base oils. One can imagine its life expectancy than the General class ⅱ oil compressor oil of life much longer.

III base oil, and combination of PAO and ester oil, equipped with powerful antioxidants, friction-reducing agents, anti-ground repair, such as ultra high-performance compressor oil additives up to 90% per cent of the demand for energy-efficient air compressor.

6, oil change time

6.1 fixed time and simple float time

1) lubricating oil suppliers will tell the user a service life of compressor oil, part of the user is confused by vendor-recommended oil life, fixed oil change time.

Many issues here: compressor oil compressor oil suppliers did not promise him using temperature and service life corresponds to different compressor oil as base oil and additives with different life vary greatly. Authors in our 2015 7th domestic long life oil present situation and development of emotions I've ever done in elaborate, but for reasons of space, discussion on this issue was still outstanding.

Including ⅰ, ⅱ, ⅲ, ⅳ compressor oil temperature at 60 ℃ and above, each additional 8~10℃ its life will be halved, at 90 c the compressor oil is 80 ℃ operating lifespan of 50%.

2) when purchasing compressor oil, compressor users should clear purchase use temperature and corresponds to the life of the compressor oil. Then, users can follow the compressor oil of the compressor working relationship between temperature and life, for the practical work of the compressor temperature flexibility, the floating life of compressor oil--this is scientific, economical, reliable and practical.

7, oil change

Compressor oil change, if spent oil cleanup does not clean or dirty oil, and the new add compressor oil contamination, to import a large amount of free radicals, accelerated oxidation, the result is added to the life of the compressor oil will be cut in half. This means that it is good food into a pot of boiling container of rancid leftovers, but the flavor has changed, dishes go bad quicker.

In order to get a good oil change effect, the following measures to choose from:

Strategy # 1: clean oil, oil pipeline and oil cooler. Oil change, put clean of spent oil when the oil separator element, clean all oil separator shell; where appropriate, determine whether you need to purge the oil cooler, washing after oil change.

Strategy # 2: use 3~5% cleaning agent added to the old oil in the compressor, after 6-24 hours of operation under normal working conditions, will clean all oil emissions system, the replacement of oil filters and oil and gas essential after the separator element by adding a new compressor oil, power on the system to normal operation. System due to the use of mineral oils or caused by poor quality oil sludge or deposits not cleaned for a long time, it may be appropriate to extend cleaning time, generally in the 2-3 days, has no effect on system; if during cleaning out sludge, carbon or a colloidal suspension of filter block, is likely to cause system shutdown, will be replaced with new filter cleaning.

Strategy # 3: release spent oil compressors, joined the 5# spindle oil, low-voltage operation after 5-10 minutes after the release by adding a new compressor oil. Keep out of spindle oil, the next oil change. Don't have to worry about spindle oil low flash point, spindle oil viscosity low flow, low exhaust temperatures, and high washing speed, easy to wash;

Strategy # 4: release spent oil compressors, joined the 5# spindle oil, low-voltage operation after 5-10 minutes after the release, using compressed air or bottled nitrogen blow pipe and oil-gas separator, be blown clean after adding a new compressor oil.

Strategy # 5: conditional users can contact a higher level of specialized oil services provider, entrust it to clean the compressor oil and oil change.

Strategy # 6: after adding new oil, add new oils weight 0.5% SL repair, not only can extend bearing life, and as a result SL wear repair antioxidant, can increase air compressor oil life about 1 time.


1, the compressor oil on the market is a catch a lot, it would be hard to choose cost-effective products, make up is to learn more about carefully taken, three oil and; large black oil and more risks; 2, the life of the compressor oil mainly depends on the base oil and additives, different formulations of compressor oil life span varies, users should carefully select the manufacturers and compressor;

3, the real life of compressor oil compressor model parameters, configuration, operating conditions;

4, the relationship between the real life of compressor oil and oil change is very big, good oil change method measures real-life may be prolonged 1 time;

5, compressor oil change technology of comprehensive, carefully, you can extend the service life of the compressor oil real about 5 times;

6, oil-injected screw compressor oil real life to design scientific, reasonable, and effective simulation bench test method, take tests and analysis, accurate judgement.

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