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China's high-speed rail equipment manufacturing "go" will push the compressor industry development

编辑:Zhejiang triumph compressors limited  时间:2016-01-27

Recently, when Premier Li keqiang visited, highly recommended products of China's high-speed rail equipment, which is to create confidence in China, but also the strategic depth to implement all the way. Promote iron its substantive promotion to China's equipment manufacturing industry as a whole and, of course, include compressors.

Chinese leaders each of the visits, and visits to discuss the project aims for national development strategy considerations, but also help to regional economic growth, is to guide Chinese enterprises to go global, taking the road of internationalization. So to speak, for the domestic high-speed rail project set off overseas, by virtue of the power of the enterprise is not enough, still need State backing and distribution at the national level. China needs with; along the way to encourage China's equipment manufacturing industry going.

Of course, China's high-speed rail equipment manufacturing; go out and represents the mentality of China's peaceful development. From the current situation in Southeast Asian countries, population density, large market, infrastructure construction is not perfect, infrastructure is a big project, especially the construction of the railway, China could concentrate on winning this project.

Especially the Chinese Government strongly recommended, as well as China slowly fall in other countries in the future, high-speed operation, high-speed rail in China into Southeast Asia, could lead the compressors and other equipment manufacturing industry to the Southeast Asian market, which is difficult in other countries.

In the process of China's high-speed trains going, in fact, more need to developed its own equipment manufacturing characteristics, advantages of it's biggest bright spot is innovation and young, explore a road to economic development and rise of interregional coordinated development. China's development not only in China, China is to promote the progress of the world.

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