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Water-cooled box-type water chiller compressor three types

编辑:Zhejiang triumph compressors limited  时间:2016-01-27

In industrial refrigeration, refrigeration compressors are the more common screw, reciprocating and centrifugal-. Piston-type compressors used for box sealing structure of chillers (known as water-cooled box-type water chiller), according to the seal of the compressor into closed, semi-closed and open three.

1, open type compressors: it is characterized by the axis power input out of the body, with couplings or pulleys, gears and motor connection. Crankshaft out of the organism be sealed with a sealing system. Due to the sealing system cannot be fully sealed, chiller refrigerant and lubricating oil leakage and infiltration of outside air is unavoidable. Therefore, the compressor should not be used for filling small, and no automatic industrial refrigeration chillers of air separator.

2, semi-hermetic compressor: it is characterized by the body and motor housing using bolts, sealing with sealing gaskets, so as to form an airtight fuselage. Motor mounted directly on the crankshaft of the compressor. This type of compressor sealed than opened well, leakage can be reduced or even avoided.

3, the whole hermetic compressor: it features a body and motor-common installed in a closed shell, shell is welded at the seams. From the appearance point of view, only the suction, exhaust pipe and the terminals of the motor, this compressor seal is the best.

Whatever type of piston type refrigeration compressor is used, the chiller we can collectively referred to as reciprocating chillers, is currently one of the most commonly used models in various industries.

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