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Haze in the cry: China in action, compressor how to deal with?

编辑:Zhejiang triumph compressors limited  时间:2016-01-27

China various partners in these two days, did feel the fog; flavor mellow? this acquisition has flown to France, and discuss about environmental protection to the World Summit. For the national action, compressor enterprises should actively participate in it?

On climate change, China

Because of this, there are 147 heads of State or Government to storm fears after Paris attended from November 30 to December 11, the 21st session of the United Nations climate change conference held in Paris. Since 1995, the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change since the 1th meeting of the parties, for the first time there are so many world leaders attending the climate change conference.

On November 30, and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony: China has always been active participants in response to global climate change, has become the world's first powers of the energy saving and the use of new and renewable sources of energy. Oriented future, China will put ecological civilization construction as; Thirteen-Five planning important content, implementation; innovation, and coordination, and green, and open, and shared of development concept, through technology innovation and system mechanism innovation, implementation optimization industry structure, and building low carbon energy system, and development green building and low carbon traffic, and established national carbon emissions trading market, series policy measures, formed people and natural harmony development of modern construction new pattern.

Although it takes hard work, but we have the confidence and determination to meet our commitments.

Small partners confused, and say has no impact on our compressor business? make the answer is: Yes!

Energy saving compressor companies keep up with country pace

As we all know, industrial electricity compressor appears to be nothing to do with us, and our lives are at stake, whether it is the food we eat, to drink, the clothes we wear, to fly transport, are inseparable from compressor figure. Extensive application of compressor and power, two features tells us that save power, compressor companies without delay.

Compressor power is mainly reflected in the motor. According to statistics, the motor unit is 75% than foreign low 10% system efficiency 30%~40%, 20%~30% lower than the advanced international level. Therefore, in our country, the motors have huge energy saving potential, implementation of energy saving is to implement energy-saving compressors.

Related data show that average running time in industrial areas in China Motor 3,000 hours, but in the petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, metallurgy and electricity, which is closely related with the compressor industry, motor often requires running 24 hours, operating time of more than 6,000 hours. If you run long and these high load situations, high efficiency motors are used, the energy saving effect will be very significant.

In 2008, China Motor system will be included in one of the top ten energy-saving projects, in 2009, super high efficiency motor applied in projects benefiting, June 2, 2010 issued a notice saying, high efficiency motors into the scope of projects benefiting the implementation of energy-efficient products, high efficiency motors marketing concern.

Awkward situation is, high efficiency motors listed has been promoting for many years, but have not integrated fully into the market, high efficiency motors accounted relatively low at this point. Statistics from the Ministry of industry and information technology said, currently the high efficiency motor in the motor accounts for only about 5%.

To address the high efficiency motor in China difficult problems, China's new deal is the constant stream of government departments with a view to promoting industrial development. Compressor motor directly using receptors, improving energy efficiency is around the corner.

Turn compressor users thirsty for heat

With the development of industrial pollution on Earth accompanied more and more serious, important issues of environmental protection has become a global concern. To this end, the waste heat utilization compressor industry, during the operation of the compressor converts the heat energy available, to meet part of the demand.

It is reported that electricity consumption is at least 25% air compressor, air compressors are often the large electricity consumption in the industrial sector, and often accounts for plant consumption 50%, especially in domestic air compressor efficiency is generally low. We know that air compressors at run time to produce large amounts of heat, air cooling units, heat is discharged into the atmosphere. According to United States Department of energy statistics: when the compressor is running, really used to increase the potential energy of the air consumed electricity in total electricity consumption accounted for only 15%, about 85% of electrical energy into heat, emitted into the air by means of air-cooled or water-cooled.

Let these; excess heat emissions into the air, affecting the air, creating a thermal pollution, and now the production-oriented enterprises, and heat-hungry, looking at having to give up heat, how can I not love? in this regard, they actively use compressor heat recovery technology, seemingly excess heat, 50% be recycled.

Most commonly used is the production of hot water, used for bathing, heating, etc. These not only reduces energy costs, and prevent environmental pollution.

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