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Common compressor characteristic analysis of two-stage compression cycle

编辑:Zhejiang triumph compressors limited  时间:2016-01-27

Experimental study on Petro-chemical equipment common compressor characteristic analysis of two-stage compression cycle of tree, Ma Guoyuan, Vicky Peng (Beijing University of technology, Beijing 100124, China) cycling performance. Piston-type and screw type, scroll, rolling-piston Rotary and centrifugal-5 kinds of refrigeration pressure feeder air characteristics and performance analyses, concludes its air and circulation characteristics and their scope of application.

In recent years, more study on two-stage compression cycle of the compressor. As a technically feasible and relatively easy technical solution to improve fixed-volume deviation from the design conditions, the compressor of the heating (cooling) lack of effects, compressor efficiency decreases significantly. For screw compressors two stage compression cycle was analyzed, the fill valve design method and calculation method of compression work. Scroll compressors two stage compression cycle was studied, pointed out that to ensure the heating coefficient of performance under two-stage compression heat pump can run low-temperature environment of medium-to long-term. United Kingdom of researchers on carbon dioxide as workers quality of scroll piston type compressor of associate II level compression cycle for has analysis, and built has test Taiwan 13. According to outside environment temperature of changes and the refrigeration (business hot) volume of needs, to improved unit cycle characteristics for purpose, can with different type type of compressor structure associate II level compression cycle, increased or reduced compressor within workers quality flow, change business hot or refrigeration volume, improve compressor run stability, formed different of evaporation temperature,. This paper discusses common types of refrigeration compressors two stage compression cycle of construction method and system for analysis.

Fund project at first glance who introduction National Science Fund (50776001) 1 associate II level compression cycle type type associate II level compression cycle of type type has supercooled device system (a) Flash sent device system (b) supercooled storage liquid device system (c) and Jet device system (d) phase compared,, Flash sent device system fill into of gaseous refrigeration agent more supercooled device system and the supercooled storage liquid device system more close saturated, so on systemic can improved degree more better, just design Flash sent device system Shi on two level throttle parts of match requirements high. Ejector system uses refrigerant pressure in the fill pipe, cited the jetting on prepress, to a greater extent, increase the compressor capacity and improve the efficiency of the compressor. Experimental studies have shown that systems with ejector a supercooled liquid reservoir systems in 141. 2 different types of compressors two stage compression cycle 2.1 piston compressors piston compressors two stage compression cycle. Piston-type compressors fill valve may be located in the piston cylinder top or within the walls of a location, it depends on the purpose of the air. Dang fill air intake set in cylinder top Shi, low temperature low enthalpy value of (liquid or two-phase) refrigeration agent from piston type compressor of top spray into to compressor cavity within, can cooling cylinder, reduced refrigeration agent temperature and make up compressor of inhale insufficient 15. Dang fill gas of purpose is to formed multiple evaporation temperature Shi, fill air intake of location is can set in cylinder wall of a a location. The work process is as follows, piston movement from outside to inside, low pressure refrigerant vapor inhalation during fill gas orifice covered with Pistons. When the piston reaches TDC position within close, fill hole started to open in the Middle, intermediate pressure gases into the cylinder, the pressure is higher than the suction pressure within the cylinder, pressure gases into the cylinder in the middle of the moment, suction valve, piston movement continues to, reach the check point shipped out after 5 intermediate air process continues. During the fill hole is covered with the Pistons again, Qi in the Middle process is complete.

Experiments showed that different refrigerant and evaporating temperature, coefficient of performance COP the degree of improvement varies. Improve the COP obviously R717 and R115 refrigerants, R12, R22 and R502, single stage compression cycle was decreased.

Dual temperature refrigerators to air a theoretical and experimental study on (b) using the method of air refrigeration system of refrigerator level two evaporation temperatures, thereby reducing the temperature difference and irreversible loss of heat transfer. Experiments show that in the ambient temperature of 25 ° c and 32 ° c, secondary air intake for the refrigerator compressor with R12 or R22/R142b there are clear mixed refrigerant of energy saving effect In business take low temperature and the province electric 1 piston compressor 2 condensation device 3 storage liquid device 4 hair fine tube 5 heat exchanger 6. high temperature evaporator 7 low temperature evaporator piston type compressor of associate II level compression cycle piston type compressor fill gas maximum of problem is fill tracheal road intermittent opened valve of design and control, because piston type compressor of sucking exhaust is periodic of, fill gas of timing bad will serious effect compressor of normal work.

2.2 screw compressors screw compressors with one-way suction and exhaust work, therefore, to design its system into a quasi two-level compression system is more convenient. To this end, in the teeth of the screw-type compressor tank mouth and breathe out additional fill hole. Working process, suction base circle closed volume after a period of time ending with fill-port connected, fill hole with the screw rotation up step by step, gradually increase in gas, increasing pressure within the cavity, and air pressure difference becomes small, and volume decreases until the air end. By analyzing the process boosting pressure in the inflation process and mixing some of the major losses, can be found to obtain the ideal process related parameters and optimum geometry of the channel fill valve. Best gas inlet position of the current view is the inlet pressure is equal to the pressure in the cycle after the mixing. Others believe that, running the heat pump cycle will be in 4 mixtures-far better 22'R142b on ecttodcPublishi the shadow of random factors G1 5s best air table Si best point area.

Stomatal opening should be aware of when supplementation: ① in the circulating sections to meet the pressure inlet flow. Volume II in the primitives from the fill hole in mouth stops after filling gas. ③ primitive mixing pressure in pressure in a volume. Medium-pressure air by isentropic processes into the screw turbine base volume, the kinetic energy of along the tangent screw rotor rotation direction, reversing into the screw in the pressure zone in order to facilitate the implementation of energy efficient conversion.

After additional economic, through which large amounts of liquid refrigerant cooled, larger undercooling, increasing the cooling capacity of the system, while the Middle caused by air compression work increases less than the cooling capacity increases, improve the system of refrigeration coefficient. Cold size equal quality nature of the benefits and working conditions, and under the same conditions, the liquid specific heat of small, refrigerant subcooling of the latent heat of vaporization is also comparatively small benefit. Compared to R502, R12, R22 and R717, R502 is best, followed by poor R12R22 and R717. Set after the economy, same here t=-35Ktk=35 ° c under conditions of the compressor, refrigerant R717 cooling capacity can be increased by about 22%. If the cooling capacity of refrigerant R22 unit power to improve 7%~30%. 2.3 scroll compressors scroll type compressor Creux patented by the French in 1905, through early 20th century began to develop rapidly after decades of silence. Its high efficiency (suction pressure/vacuum continuous unidirectional, volumetric efficiency is greater than 95%), torque changes little, little vibration, low noise and structural advantages. Current residential air conditioning (1~15kW) most used scroll or rolling-piston rotary compressor. Scroll compressor structure is more complex, so the air covers more content. Scroll scroll machine and fill the pores open.

Scroll compressor suction, compression and exhaust 3 work processes carried out a one-way, Qi begins and ends with the scroll rotate automatically turned on or off. Studies show that follows: get the most heat, and stomatal aperture in the suction Chamber closed position is suitable. ② compressors for power consumption and heat capacity increases with the increase of air pressure, you can get the most value at an intermediate pressure heat and better heat transfer coefficient.

Compared with conventional units, evaporating temperature of 125 ° c, two-stage compression heat can increase the 20%,COP of the system can be increased by 14%; evaporating temperature of 120 ° c, secondary compression heat can improve 14%~20%,COP increase 6%~8% and exhaust temperature below 130 ° c, in order to ensure safe operation of unit.

2.4 rolling piston type rotary compressor rolling piston type rotary compressor is currently one of the main models for small air conditioning. Made up of eccentric rotation of the rotor and stator, each 1 turn, a complete compressor suction and discharge processes. Fill valve to open position and air pressure determines the quality of the refrigerant is added or released. Rolling piston type rotary compressor air position.

Release of refrigerant into the/change with rotation of the compressor. Can see, spray into volume with scroll piston of rotating angle increases and reduced, reasons is with rotating angle of increased, cavity within gas of pressure increases, spray into workers quality and cavity within workers quality of pressure poor reduced; release volume with scroll piston of rotating angle increases and increased, reasons is with rotating angle of increased, cavity within gas of pressure increases, increases has cavity within workers quality and release workers quality between of pressure poor. The power consumption of the compressor and the work is closely related to quality, when the outdoor temperature is increased to a certain value, the compressor for gas compression, causing compressor power consumption drastically.

Shrinking circulation, along with changes in the external environment capacity. Winter for business hot cycle Shi, if outside environment temperature is low, workers quality cycle volume insufficient led to business heat insufficient and the compressor of, entropy efficiency reduced, compressor for fill gas cycle, can guarantee business hot performance coefficient not reduced and improve business heat; summer for refrigeration cycle Shi, if outside environment temperature lower, indoor cold load reduced, deviated from has refrigeration cycle of best workers condition, system no longer requirements compressor is big of workers quality cycle volume, is compressor for release cycle, guarantee compressor in low load State continuous run.

2.5 the centrifugal compressor freon under normal condition of centrifugal chillers are generally single-stage, temperature is often used on more than two levels lower impeller. In order to improve the efficiency of qi in the middle of two-stage compression cycle, see.

Centrifugal type compressor of fill air intake to set in two level impeller of middle, so fill air intake of number also on than series less 1. Dang series is greater than is equal to at 3 o'clock, can formed multiple economic device of cycle (b) – like evaporation temperature in 17 ° c above available II level impeller, in 123 ° c above with three level impeller, in a 40~ – 45 ° c above with four level impeller, used corresponding level reduction 1 of fill gas cycle. Fill gas loop of Flash sent and refrigeration Li fill pass opened of bit temperature to business hot sex – steam in closed of tank within endothermic makes into throttle valve of liquid inhale mouth scroll piston type compressor of fill gas location 1 inhale mouth 2 centrifugal Compressor 3 exhaust mouth 7% in addition, Middle fill gas cycle also can reduced noise, elimination low load of breath vibration problem, extended unit using life.

On piston type, and screw Rod type, and vortex spin type, and scroll piston type and the centrifugal type, 5 species different type refrigeration compressor of associate II level compression cycle process analysis results following: ① various compressor fill gas of associate II level compression cycle adapted has work environment of changes, makes compressor in deviated from design workers condition Shi of efficiency declined, and heating (refrigeration) volume insufficient of status get obviously improved, just on original unit for simple transformation, transformation Hou performance stable, easily achieved. II according to the different types of structure and characteristics of the compressor itself, on two-stage compression cycle fill-port parameters (size, shape, location) design while combining with the objective to identify air system characteristics and parameters, select reasonable type of cycle.

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