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Focus on the future ten major trends in the compressor industry

编辑:Zhejiang triumph compressors limited  时间:2016-01-27

In recent years, the compressor manufacturers in the industrial Internet tide driven by a lot of technical and commercial tentative research and development and innovation attempt, but on the whole, the effect is not very satisfactory. With the advance of national industry 4.0, as well as industrialization, the integration of information technology to promote the two, the compressor R & D, manufacturing is bound to move towards intelligent, humane. Until today, the future development trend of the compressor industry, has begun to take shape. Only concerned about the future, to grasp the future. So what is the future trend of the compressor industry?

First, energy saving and environmental protection

Whether it is to reduce the environmental burden, or break the barriers to foreign trade and other considerations, energy saving and environmental protection will become the mainstream of the development trend of the compressor. Since 2011, the industry to the compressor energy efficiency rating of the pursuit of a new level, we are no longer just satisfied with the energy efficiency standards, qualified, but the pursuit of higher requirements, some companies even a full range of products to achieve an energy efficiency. This is not only related to the country's energy-saving and environmental protection requirements and energy efficiency incentives and support policies, but also with the sharp deterioration of the compressor market situation is extremely large. Can be expected, energy saving and environmental protection will be gradually mature compressor industry future permanent development direction.

Second, modular design

Modular design technology refers to, in a certain range of different functions or the same function of different performance, different specifications of the product on the basis of functional analysis, divided and designed a series of functional modules, through the module selection and combination can constitute Different products to meet the different needs of the market design method. The ultimate principle is to strive to produce a few modules as much as possible products, and to meet the requirements on the basis of the product of high precision, stable performance, simple structure, low cost, and the module structure should be as simple as possible, standardized, As simple as possible. At present, the modular design in the compressor motor, inverter, controller and other units on the most applications, but the whole modular design, not only can improve the scope of product applications, but also to meet the flexible manufacturing, rapid response to market demand.

Third, intelligent

At present, the intelligent compressor has been exposed. For China's compressor business, the degree of market competition and the difficulty of application requirements continue to increase, the core of the package compared to foreign countries, there is still a big gap. Therefore, to break through the bottleneck of industry development, catch up with the pace of internationalization, domestic manufacturers not only to expand market share, but also to get more high-end technology, to stand in the world of the compressor forest. Intelligent will undoubtedly become the best choice for compressor manufacturers, intelligence is not only easy to operate, it is a way to save energy.

Fourth, people-oriented, to achieve human-computer interaction

Human-computer interaction is the way that the user interacts with the machine through the operation interface, that is, the medium through which the user and the machine transmit information, including the input and output of the information. Good man-machine interface is easy to understand, simple operation and has a guiding function, so that users feel comfortable, happy, so as to improve the efficiency of use.

So far, some compressors have no control panel, or control panel inside the characters or foreign language, there is no corresponding Chinese translation, which not only increased the difficulty of after-sales maintenance, but also on the daily inspection, operation also brought a certain impact, Not conducive to human-computer interaction.

Fifth, the robot gradually widely used

Up to now, the vast majority of China's manufacturing enterprises are still low-quality, non-professional labor-based. Labor costs have risen a few years in a few years, so that many labor-intensive products manufacturing enterprises have been processing, production base or foundry migration to Vietnam, India and other areas of lower labor costs.

On the one hand, the rising cost of manpower, the degree of professionalism of workers, the training time and investment cost, and the stability of the workers have had no negative impact on China's manufacturing industry. On the other hand, the robot industry is developing, Instead of labor, it is an important way to solve the contradiction between labor-intensive industries and human capital.

Sixth, information technology

Data show that China's coastal areas of labor costs have been integrated with some parts of the United States. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the rising labor cost and the decline of the willingness of the new generation of labor force, the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry will face a major crisis. Propulsion; industrialization and information integration, the first to enter the industrial 4.0 era, to maintain the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, is already had to face the problem.

In addition, the compressor data, network, information technology is the direction of the development of the market and application needs, at present, many companies in the compressor remote monitoring, data information services made no small expansion. The use of mobile Internet development, so that the compressor control and sale more convenient and simple.

Seventh, polarized development

On the one hand, with the deepening of the development of natural gas, unconventional natural gas energy, coal chemical industry and other new fields, the market demand for large-scale compressor equipment has been increasing, and localization is the most important. On the other hand, with the continuous use of pneumatic tools, compressed air applications more and more widely, many family life, simple processing, commercial areas of small, miniature compressor demand is growing. With the industrial, living, business tools continue to enrich the demand for small compressor equipment will show sustained and stable growth trend.

Eighth, application segmentation

In the past, limited to the technical level and application requirements, the compressor pressure range, the size of the exhaust, air quality, security level, are only a rough distribution. But with the industry continues to mature, as well as the application of more stringent conditions, the complexity of the compressor R & D production and selection of more detailed, more specialized. One can better meet customer needs, and second, can be divided into the effect of differentiated competition, to avoid the adverse consequences of homogenization of competition.

Ninth, to the development of mechanical and electrical integration

Modern compressor is in a period of development of mechatronics, the introduction of mechanical and electrical integration technology, mechanical, fluid technology and electronic control technology and other organic combination, can greatly improve the compressor performance, such as power, economy , Reliability, safety, operational comfort and operating accuracy, operating efficiency, service life and so on.

Tenth, pay more attention to the development and selection of parts

Compressor key components are the basis for the development of compressor products, support and constraints bottlenecks. When the compressor to a certain stage, the industry's high-tech research mainly gathered in the screw, motor, transmission and control technology and other key components. Only to master the application of key components and combinations, companies will have the core competitiveness.

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