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Air compressor accessories

High-quality nodular cast iron air compressor parts

High-quality nodular cast iron air compressor parts

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Air compressor accessories collection, triumph air compressor accessories for themselves under the jurisdiction of the company production, complete model, quality assurance, welcome to buy!




Remind users, please use genuine triumph genuine parts and air compressor oil air compressor maintenance can extend the life of the machine enables worry-free operation, to bring you great wealth. False or does not match the size of the parts, low-quality lubricants, seriously affecting the service life of the machine, more direct damage to the machine, not only the production, resulting in losses are immeasurable.


Zhejiang kaisheng compressor limited company is a professional production of a series low pressure reciprocating air compressor manufacturers, the company is located in the Zhejiang qianjiang River source civilization of eco-industrial parks.

Under the company's annual production capacity of 5000 tons of castings-casting---kaihua jinggong casting co, Assembly machining, Assembly as a whole, passed IOS9001 quality system certification. Currently employs 320 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 50 people, the company covers an area of 31688 square meters, with fixed assets of more than 16 million Yuan.

Companies have a first-class digital detection system, flexible manufacturing systems and total quality control system, computer-aided design, product design and manufacturing capabilities unique in the compressor industry. Triumph compressors using the world leading level of the latest technology, computer optimized design, has better supply capacity, reliability, quality, stability, and has been widely used in industry, construction, automobile manufacturing, painting, electrical and electronic fields. Because of its low fuel consumption, low energy consumption, low vibration, low noise characteristics, making it more productive than other similar products, long working life, were machinery and equipment quality inspection center of China products directory entry, and dubbed the "eco-friendly" reputation. Air compressor company dedicated to product development and production, constantly striving for perfection. Blowing machine according to market specific requirements for supporting research and development of compressor, blowing the practise of the profession and wider acclaim after use. Products not only in China has a broad market and exported to Southeast Asia, the EU and other places, in the United States, Canada and other countries to set up agents.

Triumph compressors limited, Zhejiang will closely follow the new trend of compressor in the world, and constantly improve the technological content of products! Triumph company will, as always, adhere to the customer first philosophy, first-class quality, first-class service for customers.


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