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◎ High pressure air compressors 40 kg

  • HTA110X piston type air compressor

    Contact NowHTA110X piston type air compressorFactory direct kaisheng 0.73 pressure 40 kg/HTA110X of a piston-type compressor high pressure air compressor This series can be used stand-alone, n combinations, low steel frame structures of the Department. Steel is customized, needs some kind of processing cycles, assembled on request. 4-cylinder design, lower noise, gas faster. Belongs to the common type, with the cash, you can provide a real shot diagram. Automatic unload device constructed finely sensitive, air control is simple and reliable, to ensure the safe operation, Suction and discharge valve plate Sweden Sandvik 7C27M02 stainless steel valves, bold precision, turning, grinding and application of eliminating, at high temperature, high toughness and impact resistance is very high. Air filters, the use of imported materials, filters and silencers, durable. Streamlined air passages of the cylinder head is a reasonable, good cooling effect. In the cylinderRead More2016-03-29

  • SSA120 piston type air compressor

    Contact NowSSA120 piston type air compressorOverall dimensions (l * w * h) 1810*745*1482 (mm) type portable compressor with low noise 70 noise (dB) are widely used in the process of pressure increasing and stabilizing, power and purge, but also for power plants, the food industry, medicine and experimental research unit provides stable power source.Read More2016-03-29

  • SSA135 piston type air compressor

    Contact NowSSA135 piston type air compressorSeries models of compact structure, handsome in appearance, high performance is stable and reliable and durable, true 24-hour operation, automatic pressure relief system, ensuring a safe boot without load and prolong compressor life, the engine and motor protection. All devices are installed on the same chassis, the basis do not need to install, and easy to use. Product parameters: Description:Read More2016-03-29

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