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Low pressure air compressor 8 kg

TA80 tire air compressor

TA80 tire air compressor

Product Details

BrandOtherModelTA-80Compact mediaAir
Working principlePiston compressorLubrication methodOil-lubricated air compressorPower4KWOverall dimensions (l * w * h)1410*460*960(mm)TypePortable compressorsPerformanceLow noiseNoise60(dB)UseDrilling machine, used textile machinery, plastics machinery and compressors, mine compressors medical compressors, sandblasting, painting, military, water, leak detection, PET bottle blowing, food processingExhaust volume0.52M3/min

TA-80 4.0 0.52 0.8 875 1 3*80 0.13 1410*460*960 203条隔产品图


Automatic unload device constructed finely sensitive, air control is simple and reliable, to ensure the safe operation,

Suction and discharge valve plate Sweden Sandvik 7C27M02 stainless steel valves, bold precision, turning, grinding and application of eliminating, at high temperature, high toughness and impact resistance is very high.

Air filters, the use of imported materials, filters and silencers, durable.

Streamlined air passages of the cylinder head is a reasonable, good cooling effect.

Cylinder bore by precision CNC machining and grinding, abrasion resistance and long service life.

Piston ring using Japan's RIKEN piston rings, the material is specially selected and difficult to pull cylinder, less consumption, less carbon.

Link to special machines precision machining, boring, parallelism to keep within a certain standard, the compressor run more sleek, smooth, easy to lose oil.

Crankcase bearing bore, the planes are the same machining centers, CNC processing, ensure parallelism and perpendicularity.

Air compressor pulley by strict power balance, using iron fan, big wheel effect, low noise, air compressor run more smoothly.

Bearings with high-precision bearings of the Sino-US joint venture guaranteed performance and service life.

Design of cooling tubes for cooling and airflow design with cooling and dehumidifying effects.

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