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Low pressure air compressor 8 kg

TA100 spray air compressor

TA100 spray air compressor

Product Details

Product parameters: (red bar for air compressor parameters)


Note: table prices include tax.


1: two/three-cylinder, 380V power supply (such as foreign power can be customized).

2: copper motor, longer life.

3: low power, low vibration, low noise, gas faster.

4: equipped with storage tank, removable, more energy-efficient and convenient.

5: belongs to the common type, available cash, can provide a real shooting.




Product application areas:

Air booster, textiles, building materials, electronics, paint, sand, food, feed processing, leak detection, military and other fields

Widely used in process of pressure increasing and stabilizing power and purge, but also for power plants, the food industry, medicine and experimental research unit provides stable power source. If stirring in the pharmaceutical industry, brewing industry, gas pressure transport in the chemical industry, food industry in blow molding bottle, parts manufacturing machines dust, sand, and so on.

Product features:

The series appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, reliable and durable, and install cast iron wheels wear smooth, for mobile use at different locations more convenient.

Using patented "single splash lubrication technologies" improved oil mist separation of the mixture in the tank, oil mist emissions reduction, safety and environmental protection.

High efficiency, low energy consumption, safety and reliable, (energy-saving 15%-20%).

"Special noise filters", low-noise, resistant to pollution.

Low power, low vibration, low fuel consumption and low noise.

Wind cold type units are used, reducing installation costs.

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