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◎ Low pressure air compressor 8 kg

  • VA80 air compressor

    Contact NowVA80 air compressorFactory direct triumph brand compressor piston pressure of 0.3 cubic 8 kilograms of VA80 low-voltage mini air compressor Triumph model VA-80 compressed medium air Working principle of piston-type compressors lubrication oil-lubricated air compressor 2.2KW Overall dimensions (l * w * h) 1160*420*810 (mm) type portable compressor with low noise 60 noise (dB) use drilling machine, used textile machinery, plastics machinery and compressors, mine compressors medical compressors, sandblasting, painting, military, water, leak detection, PET bottle blowing, food processing capacity 0.3Read More2016-03-29

  • VA100 low pressure air compressor

    Contact NowVA100 low pressure air compressorWidely used in process of pressure increasing and stabilizing power and purge, but also for power plants, the food industry, medicine and experimental research unit provides stable power source. If stirring in the pharmaceutical industry, brewing industry, gas pressure transport in the chemical industry, food industry in blow molding bottle, parts manufacturing machines dust, sand, and so on.Read More2016-03-29

  • TA80 tire air compressor

    Contact NowTA80 tire air compressorCrankcase bearing bore, the planes are the same machining centers, CNC processing, ensure parallelism and perpendicularity. Air compressor pulley by strict power balance, using iron fan, big wheel effect, low noise, air compressor run more smoothly.Read More2016-03-29

  • TA100 spray air compressor

    Contact NowTA100 spray air compressorProduct parameters: (red bar for air compressor parameters) Note: table prices include tax. Description: 1: two/three-cylinder, 380V power supply (such as foreign power can be customized). 2: copper motor, longer life. 3: low power, low vibration, low noise, gas faster. 4: equipped with storage tank, removable, more energy-efficient and convenient.Read More2016-03-29

  • TA120 low pressure piston air compressor

    Contact NowTA120 low pressure piston air compressorAir filters, the use of imported materials, filters and silencers, durable. Streamlined air passages of the cylinder head is a reasonable, good cooling effect. Cylinder bore by precision CNC machining and grinding, abrasion resistance and long service life. Piston ring using Japan's RIKEN piston rings, the material is specially selected and difficult to pull cylinder, less consumption, less carbon.Read More2016-03-29

  • HTA140-2 piston type air compressor

    Contact NowHTA140-2 piston type air compressorFactory direct triumph brand air compressors, piston type low pressure low pressure air compressor HTA140-2 2 m 8 kg products due to different batch may be inconsistent with this picture, please to receive the material object as the standard HTA-140Ⅱ 15 2.0 0.8 800 2 2×140 0.37# 1825×760×1380 540 *Read More2016-03-29

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